SAP Business One provides accurate information on the entrances and exits from the warehouse, inventory and locations within the warehouse. Inventories can evaluate the average cost, at a fixed price, FIFO, and other methods; monitoring inventory movement; and track transfers in real time.

You can run the real time updates and stock availability checks thereof, and the management of standard and special rates. You can also keep track of income inflow, discounts to customers and run reports that reveal their
impact on the same.

Functionalities of software support:

  Inventory management and warehouses- Inventory management using various valuation models stock, maintenance of the parent data of goods / materials / services and the use of multiple units and price lists
  Management of locations within the warehouse - Inventory management by dividing each warehouse in more subsites, set the rules of allocation, optimize the movement of the stock, and reduce the time saving delivery.
  Receipt of goods and receipt of control - Recordation of receipt and inspection of goods; location tracking stocks and their transfers; enable sending, delivery, and other orders; and conversion of stock
  Production planning and requirements for the procurement of materials: Creation and maintenance of components with multiple levels and sublevels, application and commissioning of production orders manually or automatically; global maintenance cost for components
  Effective Reporting - Generate reports with real-time data and different views of the same
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