Empower your people to deliver faster smart decision

SAP Business One enables your employees to make smart and secure decisions faster by capturing all the key information - sales, customers, workflows and finances, which automatically makes them available throughout the company. By integrating this data into one whole spreadsheet instead of multiple ones, duplicate data entries, costs, and related errors are eliminated. Workflow alerts are a trigger for automatic responses when it comes to important business events, allowing you to focus on the most important events. You have a clear insight into the results of your business and more confidence in the information you need to make decisions.

With fully integrated SAP Crystal Reports, you can create dashboards and reports for SAP Business One that provide insights into all areas of your business. Intuitive, interactive precision search functionality helps you get answers to the most important questions. Employees can focus more quickly on customer needs, and superiors can accurately track revenue, expenses, and cash flow to assess performance and take quick corrective action.


For even faster access of the information, the SAP HANA version for SAP Business One provides powerful real-time analytics, making it easier for users to search SAP Business One to find the information they need and create standard or ad hoc reports immediately.

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