Every small business needs a systematic approach to managing procurement, the requirement for an offer from a supplier to a single payment to the supplier. SAP Business One helps manage the complete purchasing process, including receptions, invoices, returns and payment to the suppliers. Integrated reporting tools simply gives you opportunity to compare vendors and their prices, and create conditions for negotiations, search for better offers and identify opportunities for savings.

SAP Business One provides extended functionality for operational management of the procurement process, including:

  Acquisition - Creating a request for purchase, orders for supplier and receipt of goods; connection between all of the documents for the purpose of revisiting; and management of returns, additional costs
  Master Data Management - Manage detailed information in a user-friendly interface review your bills and purchase analysis and detailed data on the material / goods with price lists and tax information
  Integration of warehouse operations and accounting -Achieving synchronization in real time of receipt of goods and the condition of existing stock, the process of paying bills to suppliers, cancellation-refund and credit notes with returns of goods; plan its material needs; and procurement schedule accordingly with the result
  Easier, up-to-date reporting- Generating reports in real time and real data and display them in a variety of formats or dashboards
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